I Am a Story Teller

In a charming little town, defined by its rugged natural surroundings, resided a woman named Maureen, her friends call her Mo.

A woman of deep introspection, Mo was always seeking to better herself and the world around her. As the year began, she found herself drawn to the idea of choosing a “word of the year” – a single word that would guide her thoughts, actions, and growth throughout the next twelve months. After much contemplation, she settled on the word “truthfulness.”

Mo’s aspiration went beyond mere honesty; she wanted her truthfulness to radiate authenticity and warmth. She decided to craft a more intricate mantra for herself, a statement that would guide her intentions and interactions: “This year, I will nurture a sincere and generous truthfulness infused with gentle kindness.”

In the weeks that followed, Mo embarked on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. She dedicated time each day to reflect on her experiences, her relationships, and her aspirations. Whenever faced with a choice, she would pause and ask herself whether her actions aligned with her chosen mantra. This simple act of reflection enabled her to recognize the subtle ways she could weave kindness into her truthfulness.

Mo realized that her commitment to truthfulness was not just about being honest in her words, but also about being open to the truths of others. This revelation brought about a shift in her perspective. She started engaging in more meaningful conversations, where she actively listened to the stories and experiences shared by her friends, family, and even strangers. Instead of responding immediately, she would take a moment to understand and connect more fully or deeply with the story and storyteller before offering her own insights.

In this journey, Mo found herself forming deeper connections with those around her. People felt seen and heard in her presence, knowing that their truths were valued. As her friendships grew stronger, she discovered a sense of community that she had never experienced before. The town that once seemed small now felt like a vast tapestry of diverse lives interwoven by shared experiences and honest conversations.

One day, while walking a park trail, her sanctuary for reflection, she looked back at the past months and marveled at the transformation she had undergone. The generosity of truthfulness had indeed been a guiding light, illuminating her path toward deeper understanding and compassion.  Mo understood that truthfulness was not a destination but a lifelong journey. She realized that cultivating truthfulness with loving kindness was not just a single year’s commitment; it was a way of living that she would carry with her always.

As the colours in the sky changed and the quiet of the trail embraced her, she felt a profound sense of gratitude. Her chosen word of the year had not only changed her, but it had also enriched the lives of those around her. And so, with a heart full of love and truth, she looked ahead to the coming years, eager to continue her journey of authenticity, connection, and community.

And the moral of the story?
Genuine kindness teaches us that sharing truth with a gentle heart creates bonds stronger than words alone.