Kay D. Linley

I originally said yes to coaching with Mo because I needed additional support navigating tough situations. I also had a strong desire to improve my life and to release belief systems and patterns that were holding me back from realizing my higher potential.

Mo helped me learn how to connect with my inner guidance and knowing. She was one of the pivotal people that got me started on my inner journey and encouraged me to seek from my own inherent knowing.

Mo’s adaptability, presence and connection allowed us to explore and reach new possibilities in our sessions. Through a variety of techniques, Mo helped me manifest outcomes in extremely difficult life situations that I would have otherwise not believed possible. She assisted me through difficult professional and personal matters as well as significant life changes.

Mo is multi-faceted and matched my needs with a suite of tools and a depth of knowledge. She continued to bring me back to my body’s intelligence, which was very helpful because I was very much in my head. This allowed me to understand what was at issue in an intuitive way, rather than be confused by fear.

I committed to coaching by staying open to trying different approaches and allowing the sessions to go where they needed to go when I wasn’t sure of outcome. I was also committed to embodying what I learned from our sessions in my day-to-day life. I was open to giving a new approach a go.

Three words to describe Mo: Compassionate, collaborative, wise.

Hana Lao
I met Mo through my mom’s recommendation. At that time, I was struggling with my personal identity and having plenty of internal problems along with a heavy load of work behind and in front of me.

Honestly, I initially thought of life coaching as a waste of my energy and viewed it only as a time slot in my schedule. However, I have come to see my life coaching with Mo as a time to relax, unwind, and have a genuine, deep conversation where I don’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing without having the time to correct myself.

I think among all the things that we have worked on, learning self-respect and self-care in terms of working in groups made the biggest impact on my life. Life coaching has taught me the importance of trust in not only myself when it comes to decisions but also in the people I am working with to truly accomplish my ideal type of leadership.

The best thing about having Mo as a life coach is the sincerity behind every conversation.  You really get the sense of Mo’s attention-to-detail and active listening whether you’re venting, complaining, or even just telling a story. It makes me feel like someone is actually listening to and understanding me.

I want others to know that life coaching has to come from your openness to change and openness to hear a professional’s perspective. If there is one thing I’ve learned, it is that life coaching improves your life by teaching you the steps into self-improvement and giving you insight on how to solve your problems. Nothing—not life coaching or whatever kind of thing—will permanently and fully fix your life but you.

Mo’s style is adaptable depending on the situation or the mood that I am bringing to our session. I love how the space is comfortable and open to any kind of conversation. I feel as though no matter the topic, whether it be a heavy or a light one, earns an extensive conversation from which I learn something each time.

When I think about how Mo coaches…in a nutshell, she is calm, acknowledgeable, and thought-provoking.

Jason H.
Mo, thank you for asking for some of my thoughts, I am happy to share how our coaching sessions have added value.

1. You made me understand how important it is to think more before speaking.
2. Now when I think before I speak – I have seen many positive changes already, like better communication, at home and at the workplace, not saying “unimportant”things, not interrupting, better body language and all around more calm.
3. You made me realize how judgemental people can be and that reminds me to always try to think positive thoughts and say/have positive comments about someone because you never know what someone else is going through.

I would describe your style as calming, quiet, clear and confident which makes you very easy to approach and open up to. This makes it easy for myself to keep coming and learning from you.  Makes sense. And we can laugh, cry and be upset all at the same time and that’s ok.

You have really shown me how to pay attention to things, to judge less, think more, be kind and listen, listen, listen.  Thanks for all you continue to do for us Mo!

Reija Warren
My partner Jason and I reached out to Maureen (aka Mo) approximately 9 months ago in a time of crisis.  Since the first day we met, Mo has contributed so much value to Jason and my relationship on top of my own self worth.

I can only speak for myself in how coaching with Mo has added value to me. I have gained trust back with myself and Jason, I am learning how to slow down, I am learning how to take care of Reija’s needs before everyone else, just to name a few.

Mo’s style is kind and caring and she has taught me that being uncomfortable is ok.  This helps me to stop and feel which allows me to notice a lot of things I haven’t in the past.

Three words to describe Mo: teacher, motherly, human.

Jason Biasetti
When I first met Mo, I was also talking to a psychologist and my meditation teacher, and Mo became the third person in what I like to describe as: my trinity of support.  Each carried a common theme: mindfulness as a tool to see into my subjective world.  Mo’s magic and artistry lies in her ability to swim with you in the chaotic murky waters of our fragile subjective world.  Her approach to coaching seems to be done without a judging mind, which in turn makes one feel comfortable in expressing their inner turmoil.

Where you are now is where she meets you. Through talking and tapping she moves inside you and it is there where she helped me release my tangled emotions by allowing them to be expressed verbally no matter what context of emotion was being used for the release – anger, sadness, happiness – it was not necessarily about the emotions, yet more of the releasing of them.

During one session it was as though 40 years of condensed emotions were released in a supernova way.  I have never in my life let tears flow so freely.  It did not make me feel weak, nor strong, it was much greater than that:  it opened space inside me.  She offered writing as a way to express myself.  And I wrote and wrote and after each completion I burned the writings and in doing so there was a release of attachments.

The process made me aware that it was not about learning, instead it was an unlearning.  It wasn’t about gaining something, instead it was about releasing.

Most of us live be a series of self-centred experiences, and with Mo I continued to see and focus on changing my unhealthy patterns and neurological networks of my brain, conditioned from childhood and into adulthood.  She moved into my suffering and met me there and I began to focus less on specifics and more on the bigger picture of where my suffering lies and with it I developed an awareness to see it in others.  With talking to Mo, releasing and by self-inquiry I began to clearly see how suffering distorted my behaviour and also realize how delicate our interactions with others could be – since many of us are subject to our own inner sufferings.

Mo is more than a coach, there is a mindfulness to her approach, there is a welcoming and an acceptance of the inner turmoil.  Her ability to move inside me and allow the space for expression gave me the trust that I could do so without the paralyzing feeling of guilt and shame.  For that I am grateful.

Mo is more than a coach, there is a mindfulness to her approach, there is a welcoming and an acceptance of the inner turmoil.  Her ability to move inside me and allow the space for expression gave me the trust that I could do so without the paralyzing feeling of guilt and shame.  For that I am grateful.

Mo gave me was a place to surrender to my emotions and helped me, through allowance, to release my attachments to anger and sadness which have been there since childhood.

Mo’s style is one of mindfulness and the ability to dive into and flow with ones emotions.

In three words I would describe Mo’s coaching as: there for you.