Early Childhood Educators

I’ve always known what I wanted to do when I grew up and decades later, nothing has changed. Except maybe the depth of delight in what I do.

My career started when I was 8.  Babysitting.

Hanging out with kids was ‘me’. Playing, learning and working with children was a natural fit. Over the years my credentials grew from neighbourhood ‘sitter to daycare worker, from Childhood Educator to Parent (revered position!), from Victim Services Worker to Bachelor of Professional Arts in Human Services and more recently a certified professional Life Coach, and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher.

I have not stopped growing, nor has my commitment to make a difference in the lives of children, families and my community. As a childcare professional, educator, mother and coach my game plan embraces the health and well-being for children – of all ages.

“You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, to play like a child.”
~Dr. Seuss / Maureen Caley-Verdonk

Opening minds as an Early Childhood Professional taught me to keep my mind open. And my ears and my eyes and my heart. Often it was imaginative play where I learned the greatest lessons.

Sarah: Let’s play school. I’ll be the teacher, you are the student and the teddy bears can be the other kids.
Maya: Yeah, I’ll be in grade 2 so I can read a book.
Sarah: You are only 5 and you can’t read yet.
Maya: But the other kids don’t know that.

In this very brief interaction the girls created a world of leadership and confidence. Sarah chose to be the teacher and Maya was convinced she was going to read.

As a Childhood Educator my role was to design programs to make learning fun. These moments of teaching increased my commitment to literacy, caring education and children’s development.

The partnership that educators have with children, families and communities is integral for learning. I continue to appreciate the incredible contributions of ECE’s. This is what inspired the creation of Validation Cards for Early Childhood Educators.

Validation Cards for Early Childhood Educators
52 Validation Cards $19.95

A bunch of pictures that are on top of some grass.

For those who influence, inspire and are at the moment. Mindful reminders: these cards are perfect for self-awareness and sharing.

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