Group of women

Voices of influence: Echoes of excellence

Welcome to a space where every woman's voice is unique. When a woman speaks from her true voice, her words touch others, evoking shared experiences and fostering a powerful sense of unity—a beautiful echo that lingers.

When we truly listen to others, we uncover the power to embrace our own stories, ideas, insights, and wisdom. This empowers us to share them confidently. Our SpeakUp coaching packages are designed just for women like you—whether you're a pro, entrepreneur, change-maker, or simply on a journey of personal growth.

Find your voice, speak your truth, and leave a message that resonates long after you've spoken. Where in your life or work do you feel held back from sharing your voice? What experiences are you eager to embrace with the freedom to express yourself fully?

Personalized speaking coaching packages[74]

Personalized Speaking Coaching Packages

Nervous about speaking up? Are you ready to stop holding back and start valuing your ideas? Let's connect and find the perfect coaching package for you!

Turn your FEAR into FEARless speaking

Struggling with fear and self-doubt?

I'm here to share unique techniques that turn anxiety into confidence and provide tips for maintaining a strong presence. This one-day session is an incredible gift to yourself. Learn the essentials of public speaking, from expressing your message to trusting your voice.

90-minute breakthrough: Overcome fear and self-doubt

Are you gearing up for a talk or a meeting, but a nagging doubt or fear is keeping you awake?

This focused breakthrough session is tailored just for you. In our 90 minutes together, we'll tackle the specific challenge you're facing head-on, using strategies to turn fear and self-doubt into confidence.

Master your message: Unveil your spotlight-worthy words

There’s so much to say and you don’t know what to keep or what to lose?

Join this dynamic one-day session to shift chaos and confusion to clarity and confidence with unique strategies that bring out your insights, ideas, wisdom, and stories. Together, we'll pinpoint the heart of your message, why it matters, and craft stories that captivate, inspire, and totally nail your idea!

60-Minute Message Clarity Power Hour

In this targeted session, we'll tackle the specific part of your message that's challenging you. Let's team up to work on the part of your message that you’re stuck on so you can deliver with clarity, impact, and influence.

Polish your Power Talk

This 5-day retreat style intensive, is an incredible experience where you get to focus on developing and polishing your talk. We’ll work together using unique techniques to help you access your insights, ideas, wisdom and stories to create a powerful talk for you to deliver with impact, speaking confidently, powerfully and clearly.

At Inspired Living Life Coaching, we do more than just coach—we listen, with intent, integrity, and influence. Join our community of conver-SENSATIONAL-ists who want to hear what you have to say.