Unlock Your Voice and Leave an Echo

Welcome to a space where every woman's voice is cherished as a unique melody, creating echoes of connection that resonate deeply. When a woman speaks authentically, her words touch others, evoking shared experiences and fostering a powerful sense of connection—a beautiful echo that lingers.

In the art of deep listening to others, we discover the strength to embrace our own stories, ideas, insights, and wisdom, allowing us to share them with newfound power. Personal coaching packages are crafted exclusively to meet the diverse needs of women, whether you're a professional, entrepreneur, change advocate, or someone seeking transformation beyond these categories.

Discover your voice, speak your truth, and leave behind a message that echoes long after the words have been spoken. Where in your life or work do you feel held back from sharing your voice? What experiences do you long to embrace with the freedom to express yourself?

Our coaching packages are designed to guide you on your SpeakingUp journey, focusing on various areas that resonate with your unique aspirations. Let's embark on this transformative adventure together, unlocking the full potential of your voice and creating echoes that ripple through your life and beyond.

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Private Speaking Coaching Packages

Does the thought of speaking up freak you out? Are you ready to stop holding back and thinking your ideas don’t matter? Are you ready to own the value of what you have to say?  You are in the right place…Let’s connect to determine which coaching package is the best fit for your current needs.

Transform Your Fear Into Fearless Speaking

Public Speaking Delivery: Transform Your Fear Into Fearless Speaking Is fear and self-doubt holding you back?

I'm here to provide you with specific strategies for transforming fear, self-doubt, or speaker anxiety, along with valuable tips on maintaining presence. Learn and practice the basics of public speaking, including getting into your body and trusting the power of what you have to say.

90-Minute Breakthrough Fear and Self-Doubt Session

Maybe you're anticipating a talk or a meeting, and a lingering doubt or fear is keeping you up at night.

This laser-focused breakthrough session is designed just for you. In our 90 minutes together, we'll zero in on the specific challenge you're facing and work with targeted strategies to transform fear, self-doubt, and speaker anxiety to help you maintain a strong presence.

Thought Leadership:

Get Clear on the Most Important Message You Want to Share

Seeking clarity and a powerful way to bring your message to life? In this intensive, we'll delve into incredible teachings and specific strategies to help you access your insights, ideas, wisdom, and stories. Together, we'll clarify the core idea behind your message, why it's crucial to share, and what stories will draw people in, inspire, and truly "get" your idea.

90-Minute Messaging Clarity Breakthrough Session

In this focused session, we'll work specifically on the part of your message you're stuck on. Let's collaborate to present with impact and speak confidently, powerfully, and with clarity.

Develop a Talk

Whether it’s for a conference, an important meeting, or you plan to hop up on the TEDx stage, in this retreat style intensive, we'll work together delving into incredible teachings and specific strategies to help you access your insights, ideas, wisdom and stories and create a talk that has impact.

More than just coaching, Inspired Living Life Coaching is an invitation to breathe life into your voice. Here, we cultivate a community of like-hearted women who share the joy of listening and leading with intent, integrity, and influence. Step into a world where your unique voice is not just acknowledged but celebrated, and your well-being is lovingly nurtured. The possibilities within are vast.