Meet Coach Mo

Welcome!  I’m so happy you’re here.  My name is Maureen Caley-Verdonk – you can call me Mo. I am  a career woman, a wife, a mother of an adult son, a Professional Certified Coach and founder of Inspired Living Life Coaching in Dawson City, Yukon. What an incredible honour it is for me to assist others in Speaking Up and sharing their truth with intention, integrity and influence. I sure understand the dynamics of “holding back”  in using my voice, and the frustrations around this.   It took me a long time to find my voice and use it honestly.  Through devotion to figuring this out – taking multiple courses, thinking “this time” and then experiencing a profound and deep frustration when the teachings didn’t work as well as they “should”- I have discovered that my inner world needed a committed and tender attention; this took another level of devotion and courage.  Now, I am delighted to be owning the value of “being real-being me” and speaking from my true voice, AND having the freedom that comes with sharing it. It’s been a process and most of the time I live fully by saying YES to what matters most and learning from the times I don’t. I am a stand for supporting YOU in finding the courage to ignite YOUR voice and speak YOUR truth with intention, integrity and influence.

I’ll Tell You a Little About Me . . .

Hi, I’m Maureen Caley-Verdonk, and proud to be a Professional Certified Coach with a focus on Speaking and SpeechWriting; a Licensed WomanSpeak Circle Leader as well as a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher in Dawson City, Yukon.

You can call me Mo.

Born and raised, mine is a Yukon soul with a True North spirit.  A deep listener, I build trust with socially conscious leaders, women, advocates and entrepreneurs as they journey to find the courage to speak their truth, with integrity, intention and influence.

This is important to me because for many years I was afraid of speaking my truth – afraid of being criticized, not having all the facts, sounding stupid (you probably get the picture). My body would feel like it was shrinking, a loud pounding sensation would roar in my head and I wanted to hide. In many ways I had “truth” harshly spoken to me when I needed compassion and understanding.  Over time this led me to doubt not only my voice but my own worth. YIKES–   and this didn’t sit well in my nervous system.

In fact, it often made me shut down and hold back speaking my innermost thoughts and desires. What I have learned about myself is that I frequently tried to figure out what others expected me to say!  OH. MY. GOSH.  This was sooooo exhausting.

After many years of taking courses in communicating, starting with speaking assertively and developing higher self-esteem & confidence it wasn’t until I really got this: communicate to connect that things changed. Fast forward to now where I do have the ability to stay present and to communicate in ways that are articulate and true with the intention of connecting. This has all required me to surround myself with people who have the ability to be open, truly listen and invite genuine communication.

Throughout my life I have been a strong believer in the value of social connection – in my teens and twenties my social connection activities were very different than today!  The process of creating support that helps to build thoughtful communities is dear to me and I am privileged to volunteer with Special Olympics Yukon; to offer training and support to diverse organizations as well as work privately with a variety of caring people.

I also believe that each of us has a unique wisdom that flourishes when we can be “real” without fear of judgment – this allows our nervous system to settle and we trust more. This takes courage, commitment, creativity and compassion.

One of my greatest learnings as a Professional Coach, is around “quality of presence” – for me this has taken huge courage of letting go of old patterns of working hard, proving my worth and surrendering to the beautiful art of connecting mind-body-soul and welcoming all that shows up. My own growth and connection to wholeness is influenced by where I live, in the heart of the North, surrounded by nature and spaciousness. I believe that these surroundings extend to the people I work with so they have the space they need to see farther, think bigger, gain clarity and take risks that allow them to connect with their wholeness and have the courage to share their true selves – their brilliance.

When I discovered WomanSpeak I was immediately drawn to the sense of community and supportive space it gave women to not only enhance their ability to speak up – whether it’s public speaking on big or small stages, at work and in meetings, at dinner parties, or with family and friends –  but to celebrate and support each other in speaking up – speaking their truth.  I realized that with the power of genuine celebration of each other, the nervous system could relax and rewire, allowing immense wisdom and leadership to emerge.

I am honoured to be a Speaking and SpeechWriting Coach and a licensed WomanSpeak Circle Leader offering this incredible body of work where women come together to be seen, heard, and celebrated in a way that is authentic, safe and powerful.

In this environment, women connect with and trust their truth, communicate more effectively at work and at home and feel empowered to contribute their wisdom and ideas.

Enough about me, let me ask you a question:

Are you ready to be heard, be understood and to permit yourself to take the steps to unleash your brilliance – and share your voice? 

If You

  • have accomplished a lot, yet there is an internal pressure that you still must do better.
  • are tired of holding back, want to articulate and own the value of what you have to say, and feel free to share it.
  • want to work on improving and enhancing speaking and delivery techniques.
  • are tired of your ideas being dismissed or overlooked.
  • want to enhance leadership and public speaking opportunities.
  •  want a supportive environment where your light of brilliance is recognized, clarified, celebrated and drawn out.

I would love to hear from you!