Work with Me

Let’s talk. I’m available in person and virtually for a chat over coffee or tea. Choose the best date and time from my calendar here:

Professional Life, Leadership and Speaking Coaching that is tailored to you.

Coaching is not just a service—it's a dynamic and powerful partnership tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether it's life coaching or guidance for public speaking and talk writing, I'm here for you, both one-on-one and in supportive group settings.

Every coaching session is a responsive and transformative encounter aimed at releasing whatever might be holding you back and propelling you confidently forward. Together, we dive into identifying and clarifying your goals, placing a special emphasis on understanding the emotions that drive those aspirations. And then, we make those dreams a reality.

Who seeks coaching?

There's no specific 'type' of woman who seeks coaching—what matters is what you seek and deeply aspire to achieve. Many incredible women, like yourself, have chosen coaching with me for a variety of reasons:

  • A desire for more energy is achieved by confidently saying "no" to draining elements and shedding guilt and discomfort.
  • The need to navigate and make important decisions in life.
  • Ambitions are waiting to be translated into action, be it a new business venture or a significant life change.
  • A sense that there's 'more' out there for you, and the unfulfilled part of you is eager to explore what that might be.

Coaching unfolds over multiple sessions, whether in the serene setting of Dawson City or virtually over Zoom, reaching women across Canada and internationally. Let's embark on this transformative journey together, creating a path that resonates with your unique aspirations and potential.