Your Comfort Zone

Is comfort all it is cracked up to be?  Think with me for a moment.  Think about the times during your life that you have been comfortable—comfort with your job; comfort in your relationship; comfort with your home. What comes to mind?  Is there a sense of peace or a bit of boredom and inactivity? Perhaps even complacency?
Right now, I admit that I’m craving that more familiar feeling of comfortable confidence.  I’ve been taking on some new challenges with my business that have been leaving me churning with a discomfort that I have come to recognize as my “GROWTH SPURT” pain.

​Now let’s look at the places in your life where you encountered your most significant growth. These are generally places when we are outside our comfort zone. Often they are times when we are not in control of the outcome.

It can be as painful as a divorce and having to learn to be on your own for the first time, or the loss of a job, or your first year out of high school or college, struggling to make it, getting that first job.  Consider the discomfort and the investment you had to make and the risks you had to take.

Looking back at a difficult time we have come through, we can see we had skills or developed skills we did not believe were possible. When it is all over and done, we have grown, learned lessons about ourselves and the world and how we may more “comfortably” move through a difficult place the next time. And even more interesting, we have enlarged our field of comfort or our comfort zone.

Not that we would choose to put ourselves in as painful a place as divorce or job loss, but we now can recognize skills, and attitudes we had to develop, that we can use in other situations.  And when facing the uncomfortable stretching feeling, we will know that another growth spurt is underway!

Growth and learning are important aspects of keeping our lives vibrant.

This month my challenge to you is to find YOUR Growth ZONE, somewhere between comfort and pain. Then, take some steps outside your comfort zone and embrace the growth and strength it fosters. For example, you might change your response to “I’ll think about it” rather than automatically agreeing to do something or you might take responsibility for a project at work or at home that will stretch your abilities.

I’d love to hear how taking a step outside of your comfort zone works out for you.
​Remember, it’s about stretching, not tearing! Take one step.

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