Visioning – what do you see? What do you want to see?

There’s an old story about jazz great, Miles Davis. It’s said that when he was first starting out as a young man in the NYC jazz clubs, he loved the way that Charlie Parker played…so he imitated him.

One night during a jam session, one of the players said, “Hey Miles, you’re playin’ real good, man! You sound a lot like Bird (Charlie Parker).” Miles was flattered, then the player went on, “We want to hear YOUR thing, though. Bird’s got Bird’s thing covered. What’s yours?”

From that experience, Miles Davis embraced his true self and his individual talent and went on to have a long, illustrious career, largely defined by his unique sound.

​At heart you are always being yourself, however sometimes our conscience self gets in the way.
Self acceptance.  Growing up without a clear sense of who we are can impair our self acceptance.  False and negative judgements from those around us can mess up our “I like myself” mindset.

Our cover story.
  Acting artificially to present what we imagine a positive image looks like.  Primed to mask our weaknesses, do we really produce a flattering self image or behavior.
We shine brightest when we embrace our unique gifts, talents, passions and interests…and the world needs us to shine. 

Impress yourself with your capability and truthfulness – no one else can do what you do quite like you.

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