Top 10: Ways to Lead by Example

As we begin  the festive season that promises higher than normal social and family interactions, I thought it would be useful to take some time to reflect on some important leadership qualities. Why? Whether you see yourself as a leader or not, you are having an impact on the world as well as the quality of your own life. ​

Good leaders must lead by example. Through their actions, which are aligned with what they say, they become a person others want to follow. When leaders say one thing but do another, they erode trust, a critical element of productive leadership. Here are 10 of the dozens of ways to lead by example.

1. Take responsibility. Blame costs you your credibility, keeps the people around you on the defensive and ultimately sabotages real growth.

2. Be truthful. Inaccurate representation affects everyone. Show that honesty really IS the best policy.

3. Be courageous. Walk through fire (a crisis) first. Take calculated risks that demonstrate commitment to a larger purpose.

4. Acknowledge failure. It makes it OK for others (friends, family and colleagues) to do the same and defines failure as part of the process of becoming extraordinary.

5. Be persistent. Try, try again. Go over, under or around any hurdles to show that obstacles don’t define you, your family or your workplace.

6. Create solutions. Don’t dwell on problems; instead be the first to offer solutions and then ask those involved for more.

7. Listen. Ask questions. Seek to understand. You’ll receive valuable insights and set a tone that encourages healthy dialogue.

8. Delegate liberally. Encourage an atmosphere in which people can focus on their core strengths.

9. Take care of yourself. Exercise, don’t overwork, do take a break. A balanced life, mentally, spiritually and physically, contributes to a prosperous life. Model it, encourage it, support it!

10. Be involved. Like Alexander the Great leading his men into battle, you’ll inspire greatness.

Have some fun….create a list of the ways that your leadership actions are in alignment and working well. Try one of these 10 ideas if the results you are getting are not working! 

Warm wishes for a safe, impactful and joyful holiday season.

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