Picture what you want.

What do YOUR goals look like?
How do YOU picture success? 
In a creative moment, circa 1989, I crafted a collage of pictures, thinking I was just organizing plans, thoughts and words onto a poster that made me feel good.  In fact, what I put together was my first vision board and within months, the goals I pictured and the prospects I imagined came to be.  I moved, changed jobs, increased my income and found a healthier lifestyle!
I believe that while there is strategy in mapping ideas, there is a greater power in picturing them.  Inspiration can be kick started by visualizing; I’ve been vision boarding for years, motivated by thoughts and influenced by success.

Because actions are shaped by great ideas – and I’m all over great ideas — I am hosting a 1-day Vision Board workshop on September 22nd at Takhini Hot Springs.
YOU: Bring your dreams.
ME:  I will bring materials and supplies.
TOGETHER: We will experience a day of goal sharing and group energies while I walk you through Vision Board Designing 101.


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