Living Life on Purpose!

Are You “On Purpose?”
“There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it.”
–Napoleon Hill

What if your plans for the new year were focused on “living life on purpose”?  You might ask “What the heck does this even mean?” Despite this subject being an area of long-standing scientific, theological, spiritual and philosophical examination living a life on purpose doesn’t have to be overly complex. This year I am going to practice living my life more “on purpose” and even have a new book (a Christmas gift from my 14 year-old son) by contemporary spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle titled A New Earth Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose to help me explore this practice more deeply.

About five years ago I began an exploration of living my life on purpose and I think I might be a student of this subject for awhile! I’m okay with that.  Many people know their calling in life, their true purpose, and live “on purpose.”   Are you one of them? Or, are you ready to begin an inquiry?

​Take this True or False Self-Quiz to determine whether you are operating from a place of purpose.  Let’s get started.
If you answered false (no) to many of these, you may benefit from discovering how to live a life on purpose. Living a purposeful life is as much about how things are done (with love, attention, passion and focus for example) as it is about what is done. It’s also a great way to feel fulfilled regardless of the “job” you may find yourself in.
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