If you’re new to coaching and aren’t sure if it’s for you…….
Contact me for your  complimentary ‘Coaching Conversation’ phone or Zoom session.  I’ll be delighted to learn more about you and your hopes.  As well we’ll both determine whether you and I will be a good fit and what package best suits your individual needs and budget.

Private Coaching

While you can expect to notice powerful changes in your thought patterns and behaviour within as little as 30 days, the longer you work with me and the more effort you put into the process, the more comprehensive and lasting your results will be.

The focus of a life coaching session is about what is currently going on with you. We’ll have a conversation and I’ll be asking questions so that you discover and dissolve the barriers that are getting in the way of living the life you want.

Life coaching sessions empower you to make powerful choices in your life.  Just like a coach of sports, a life coach is not there to do the job for you, but there to show you how to improve your game.  Sessions often end with an achievable action plan, so you can experience what it feels like to accomplish something and then inspires you to want to do more.

Coaching is for you if you feel like “you’re getting by” but “something seems to be missing”.  It is about listening to your concerns and issues in life; and coaching you to be the solution to those  concerns and issues. ​

Do you have…

  • Difficulty saying NO to others
  • Guilt with putting yourself first
  • Worried that if you set a boundary you’ll be rejected
  • Frustration with “others not offering to help out…so you do everything because no-one else says Yes”
  • Resentment at others for not offering to help you out AND it’s really easier just to do it yourself so it gets done…
  • Resentment at your partner or significant friends for not seeing that “things” need to be done
  • A hard time asking for help
  • A hard time “receiving” help even when offered
  • Difficulty with others doing it “their” way because it’s not the “right” way
  • Control issues…hard time letting go..

  • Coping skills include over-eating, over-spending, over-doing, over-giving
  • Wishing you’d get sick so you could take a break…and then not really wanting to because you’d be sick and still be expected to do “everything”
  • Self-Doubt
  • People-pleaser tendencies & feel taken advantage of…repeatedly
  • “Positive” appearance on the outside, fearful, angry, critical on the inside “if they only knew”…feel like a fraud
  • Fear around expressing anger because of “karma”
  • A tendency to blame others for your unhappiness
  • Regrets thinking that things should be different by now